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Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2014 – Glückwünsche aus unseren Partnerländern

                                                                                                                                              Ein weltmeisterlicher Tag braucht auch einen weltmeisterlich langen Blogeintrag, finden wir. Hier kommen die gesammelten Glückwünsche aus unseren Partnerländern zur gewonnenen Fußballweltmeisterschaft:

Dear KNH Staff,
Couldn’t resist sending this email – CONGRATULATIONS on last nights performance by Die Mannschaft! I’m sure you are all feeling very good this morning and taking the day off to celebrate what doesn’t happen very often in one’s life time. What I think all loved about Germany, was their consistent application of sound ‘Mannschaft’ practices – a good example for our team effort to fight against poverty and it’s impact on vulnerable children world-wide! Enjoy the ‘sunshine’ of the ‘moment’! With warm regards, Gerald (Südafrika)

Dear All KNH Staff,
Greetings and prayerful wishes from Dr. I.Sebastian!
I am nervous wreck now, because of the last night match. What an emotional drain for 2 1/2 hours? However my favorite Germany Prevailed. Congratulations.
Dr.I.Sebastian (Indien)

„HOY SI PAPA“ La cuarta ya está en sus manos…. bien merecida…. e oe oe oe oe, e oe oe oe oe,
Dr. Elmer Villeda (Honduras)

Greetings from Lilongwe! I write to congratulate all KNH staff, through your office, for the successes which the Germany national football team has achieved in Brazil. Germany had broken a number of records, including beating Brazil by 7 goals to 1, winning the prestigious FIFA World Cup in that continent and bringing it to Europe, and having a player (Klose) who has scored more goals at the World Cup than any other player in the history of the World Cup. These are no mean achievements and once again I say, congratulations.
Anderson (Malawi)

I must tell you that although I’m not a football fan, my son eats, drinks, sleeps and dreams football 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even at the expense of his academic performance in school. For this reason I have been following the world cup this year and yesterday I stayed up particularly to watch the match between Germany and Argentina. CONGRATULATIONS to you all on being crowned the 2014 World Cup Champions after such a tense match, we are VERY PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH GERMANY!!!
Warm regards,
Celina (Kenia)

Greetings from the beautiful Kingdom of Swaziland. Writing this email to extend our appreciations for winning the world cup. The Germans have made history by winning this very important tournament. Congratulations.
Themba (Swasiland)

Yes it great! With blood, breaking bones and all ha ha ha!!
Like watching a movie I couldn’t move to get water!

Felicidades!!! Congratulations!!! Gratulation!!!!
Pero los chee!!! se quedaron en segunda, arriba Alemania!!!
Me uno a la gran fiesta de nuestros queridos amigos de la kindernothilfe y de toda la linda gente de Alemania, a nuestros queridos padrinos y a toditititos los demas…!!!! Fue un super juego!!!
De nuevo, felicidades!!!!
Doris (Honduras)

Gratulation Germany team for winning the FIFA World Cup 2014!
Greetings from the KNH Philippine Team (Philippinen)

Just to congratulate us all for the wonderful match which the team lifted the World Cup Champions!!!!.
We were so happy, slept around 1am.
Meliga (Simbabwe)

I hope you are fine and doing well.
HAWCA congratulates you, KNH team and your country on wining FIFA World Cup 2014. May your country continue to prosper and progress.
All he best
Yours truly
M.D. (Afghanistan)

Sí, hoy sí Papa! Que partido! Saludos del Fridas de Antigua (casi solos aquí ya que la mayoría eran aficionados de Argentina),
Paola y Judy (Guatemala)

I must tell you that although I’m not a football fan, my son eats, drinks, sleeps and dreams football 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even at the expense of his academic performance in school. For this reason I have been following the world cup this year and yesterday I stayed up particularly to watch the match between Germany and Argentina, having also keenly watched the one Germany played with and seriously embarassed the Brazilians! CONGRATULATIONS to you all on being crowned the 2014 World Cup Champions after such a tense match, we are VERY PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH GERMANY!!! (#Kenia)

Greetings from wintery Victoria Falls, although the skies a blue and the sun is out, it is quite crisp outside, more crisp inside without heating. I bet Germany must be on a World Cup high!!! All of us didn’t sleep last night – what an amazing game and how wonderful for our team. I feel sorry for Argentina though, but today to my surprise they celebrated in the streets of Rio that they made it this far.
Again, we did well and I am sure our boys well- deserved it.
Warm regards,
Elisabeth (Simbabwe)

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum WM-Titel, den die deutsche Mannschaft durch ein souveränes, gekonntes, sauberes, faires und natürlich erfolgreiches Spiel wirklich verdient hat.
Susanne Gerling (Brasilien)

Guten Morgen!
Erstmal herzliche Gratulation zu dem verdienten Sieg und Weltmeistertitel! Auch aufgrund der guten Leistungen im Vorfeld war für mich Deutschland der Wunschsieger an der WM. Jetzt ist es geschafft!

Congratulations for World Cup win of German Team. It was excellent team work throughout the tournament-every player contributed.
Sajid (Pakistan)

Mis felicitaciones por ustedes!!! Fue un partido emocionante yo estaba por Alemania a pesar de ser latina, pero los Argentinos no son mucho de mi agrado, además Alemania se lo merecía.
Muchos saludos,
Carmen (Peru)

Hello World Champions!
Glückwünsche from all of us.
Enjoy the partying. See you again in 2018!
Zarina (Pakistan)

Parabéns à você e aos demais colegas pelo tetracampeonato alemão! De fato, foi uma linda história conquistada e viva o trabalho futebolístico coletivo!!
Abraços solidários,
Raimunda (Brasilien)

Disfruten el triunfo que bien merecido lo tienen….
Saludos cordiales
Sherly (Peru)

It was really a wonderful game. Beginning to the last minute it was filled with tension and excitements. Hats off to all the players. Poor Messi he could not show of his skills in taking the ball to the net. I was hoping Mueller would get the Golden Shoe. I think winning was the focus in the last match.
Hope you all would be celebrating the victory. Did any of you witness the match in person at Brazil?
Please convey my wishes and greetings to all the friends whom I know. Wishing you all a very happy celebration.
Regards…Sathish (Indien)

I am humbled to celebrate with all Germans, particularly KNH staff on your victory. Pass my congratulatory message to your colleagues. Kind regards
Immaculate (Ruanda)

Felicitaciones por la Copa!!!!! Campeones merecedores y mucho!
Claudia (Brasilien)

Felicitaciones también por el triunfo de Alemania, se lo merecen porque tuvieron una excelente participación durante todo El Mundial.
Un fuerte abrazo,
Gloria (Peru)

Congratulations for your thumping victory!
It was an amazing match to watch Germany excel in the extra time and take home the Champion Trophy after 60 years from the Latin American host into Europe. Apart from the playing they were also prayers offered and we were delighted to watch the match with zeal and cheers.
You created a history again!!
Our good wishes and we need to celebrate.
Warm Regards

On the behalf of my self and all staff members, i would like to congratulate all KNH staff and the whole nation for the victory Germany got in the World cup. I have conducted an assessment as to know whom do our staff members support . The result was that all of them were supporting Germany. On last Friday, the staff members informed me to pass their congratulations message if Germany Win the cup. Accordingly, i am passing the congratulations message of our staff members. Wish you good celebration and enjoyment of the victory.
Best regards
Tesfa (Äthiopien)

Merecidos campeones del mundo!!!!
Álvaro (Chile)

Muchísimas Felicidades por el logro del equipo alemán!!!!! La copa está en su casa!!!!!!!!
Un abrazo fuerte,
KNH-Guatemala (Guatemala)

Felicitaciones por el título mundial de fútbol, se lo merecían, fue el mejor equipo del mundo y con juego en equipo, eso es lo más preciado creo yo.
Un abrazo,
Marcela, Antonieta y Richar (Peru)

Greetings from Choma and please receive our warm heartfelt congratulatory messages for conquering the whole world in terms of football. We are proud of Germany. Not only have you achieved the greatest in terms of football but also poverty reduction in Zambia specifically in Choma. We join our leaders and the whole world in saying to the German people well done for winning the world cup! You deserved it, your team was awesome.
Best regards!
Cornwell (Sambia)

Muchas felicidades a todos los amigos del futbol en Alemania por haber ganado por cuarta vez el campeonato mundial! Abrazos de parte de todo el equipo de la oficina de KNH-Bolivia en Cochabamba
Melissa (Bolivien)

Congratulations. I am just imaging how the mood is in Germany this time after winning the world cup. They deserve it, well done.
Kelly (Sambia)

Dear All
Congratulation for winning the World Cup 2014!!!
We are happy
The team really deserve!

Dear all foot ball lovers at Kindernothilfe,
Congratulations Germany on winning the World Cup!! It was a great game. Keep it up!!!
Thomas (Indien)

Que alegre!!!!muchas felicitaciones. Celebramos con Ustedes!!!!. Bravooooo!!!!
Alba (Guatemala)

We wish to extend our appreciation and join you in celebrating the Championship of your country in the World Cup yesterday.
We celebrate with you and we share your happiness.
Anthony (Uganda)

I saw it coming, even though not so sure if they will be able to maintain their energy. The nation must be proud of their own team! Congratulations!!!! Yes its been tough and everybody kept guessing what might happen. It’s over now, history will always have it on record that the German is the world champion for 2014, we can only wait to see if history shall repeat itself in the next world cup, 2018??
Enock (Swasiland)

hey, all German peoples, I am one of supporters & admiring of German national foot ball team. congratulation Brazil 2014 world cup championships. We were grown by supporters of German peoples /kindernothilfe/ in Ethiopia child care center, so we are happy when German won Brazil 2014 world cup championships.

Congratulations that the Germany football team won the FIFA 2014 championship. The team really deserves to be be champion of the game. (Äthiopien)

Congratulations for the winning the world cup – it was some struggle but at last the German team won. Nice week ahead!
Felix (Kenia)

Dear Colleagues!
I trust you are all keeping well! Congratulations for taking the world soccer cup! Silvia I know u were watching was a game to watch!
Asia, Nils, did you watch? The boys made your country shine soccer fun or not ! Congrats!
Best regards
Grace (Südafrika)

Abschied von einer ungewöhnlichen Frau

Ein Nachruf  von Jürgen Schübelin

Soeur Marthe Vanrompay, die Gründerin unserer Restavèk-Partnerorganisation „Mouvman Vin Plis Moun“ (MVM) in Carrefour Feuilles, ist am 3. Juli verstorben.

Soeur Marthe, die der 1862 in Scheut bei Brüssel gegründeten Ordensgemeinschaft der Schwestern vom unbefleckten Herzen Marias (CICM) angehörte, ist sicherlich eine der ungewöhnlichsten und beeindruckendsten Persönlichkeiten, die wir im Zusammenhang mit der Kindernothilfe-Haiti-Arbeit kennengelernt haben. Mit all ihrer Kraft, ihrer Kreativität und ihrem geradezu unglaublichen Talent als unermüdliche Netzwerkerin kämpfte sie jahrzehntelang sehr erfolgreich für die Rechte von Restavèk-Kindern in den bidonsvilles von Carrefour Feuilles und den umliegenden Stadtteilen im Westen von Port-au-Prince.

Zusammen mit ihrem Team entwickelte sie eine pädagogische Methode, um mit diesen Kindern – selbst unter widrigsten und prekärsten Umständen – mit Hilfe eines Systems von „moniteurs“ Schulunterricht organisieren zu können. Am 21. Oktober vergangenen Jahres hatten Kerstin Zippel, Michaela Gerritzen, Julia Burmann und ich letztmals die Gelegenheit, Soeur Marthe gemeinsam zu besuchen und ihr von unseren Eindrücken von den Begegnungen mit den MVM-Kindergruppen von Madame Mouscardan und Madame Jaques in den bidonville oberhalb der Place Jérémie zu berichten.

Odana, das Kind, dessen Tagesablauf unsere ehemalige Kollegin Toni Hutter und der Fotograf Jakob Studnar 2010 unter anderem für die Kindernothilfe-Robinson-Seiten dokumentiert haben, kam aus dem MVM-Programm.

Soeur Marthe war – und das hat mich immer mit am meisten beindruckt – eine außerordentlich politisch engagierte Persönlichkeit, ganz fest verortet in der karibischen Variante der lateinamerikanischen Theologie der Befreiung, mit einem klaren Bewusstsein für die Würde und die Rechte der Kinder, für die sie sich engagierte, aber auch einem profunden Wissen um die Ursachen von struktureller Gewalt, denen die Menschen in Haiti ausgesetzt sind. Sie liebte – bei aller pointierten Kritik an den Herrschenden und den Verhältnissen in Haiti – dieses Land und seine Menschen bedingungslos: „Nie und nimmer würde ich von hier weggehen!“, sagte sie uns am 21. Oktober 2013 beim Abschied.

Die Kindernothilfe fördert das von Soeur Marthe initiierte Projekt zur alternativen Schulbildung von 1.495 Restavèk-Kindern und zum Schutz ihrer Rechte seit dem Januar 2010. „Mouvman Vin Plis Moun“ (frei übersetzt: Bewegung für mehr Menschlichkeit) ist das größte Restavèk-Partnerprojekt der Kindernothilfe in Haiti.

Zu Weihnachten 2010 veröffentlichten wir folgende Reportage über Soeur Marthe und ihre Kinder:

Soeur Marthe wurde am 7. Januar in Carrefour Feuilles beigesetzt.