Artikel vom 06. Dezember 2013

Reaktionen unserer südafrikanischen Partner auf den Tod Nelson Mandelas

Wir sind mit unseren Gedanken bei Nelson Mandela, der am 5. Dezember mit 95 Jahren starb. Uns erreichen auch Nachrichten von unseren südafrikanischen Partnern, die ihren Respekt und ihre Trauer mit uns teilen:


We had a joint session at the office this  morning and most colleagues were really down but after realizing that we already started living the legacy of Madiba back in July when the news of his serious illness started making media, colleagues were proud of what we did back then and found strength to do more going forward.

I personally know what I could have been if he did not walk out of that jail on that day and if he was not to be elected the president of the democratic SA. I also know that we owe the next generation much more if we were to start the work of finishing what he started! But we are aware that for no fault of us, goodness skips a generation and I pray that the next generation of South Africa finds another leader close to Madiba because ‚akekho oyofana naye! (no one will ever be like him!)


It is indeed a great loss for our country but the camaraderie he has evoked is remarkable and South Africans appear to be more united than ever before. He truly represented freedom & a born free generation to all of us!


We feel sad but very hopeful because we start to remember once again clearly what his legacy is, and people tell the stories of hope.


So beautiful that we can all celebrate the power of his life, and the sorrow of his passing together. His life has changed our world!

His contribution to South Africa and the World represents the best of Humanity. He will be missed and cherished.


We have been expecting the report but even now it seems so unreal.

I think Helen Zille, the leader of the DA said it very well, we must all live up to the legacy of a man who spent his life in the service of others and that we must insure his legacy continues to be fulfilled.

I just pray what he has started others will rise up and see fulfilled in the next generation and that all he fought for will not fall by the way side.


We celebrate his life today and are so grateful that he is now at peace!


It’s a day of sadness at his passing, yet also one of celebration of a life well lived and a wonderful legacy left for all South Africans.


Hello from a mourning South Africa as we remember our wonderful Mandela!