Artikel vom 23. August 2013

Post von einem ehemaligen Patenkind aus Kenia

„It is with great joy that I write to you to honor your organisation for extending a kind hand to me.  I am a Kenyan named Charles Masila and I graduated from high school last year (2012) from Starehe Boys‘ Centre & school where I was being sponsored by the Kindernothilfe of Germany.

I am 19 years old and I hail from the Eastern part of Kenya in Makueni county. My family consists of 3 kids, I, my twin brother and my younger sister. My mother is a single parent. She divorced with my father when I was three months old.

I undertook my primary education at Muangini Primary School (a public institution in Makueni county) where I was being supported by my grandmother. The primary level of education in Kenya runs for 8 years and after which in the year 2008, I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Exam(KCPE), the national exam in primary education level in Kenya. In this exam, I scored 418 marks out of the possible 500 marks. I then gained enough marks which won me a slot in Starehe Boys‘ Centre & School as a disadvantaged student. This scenario therefore captured the need of a sponsorship to cater for my high school education fee.

I joined Starehe in the year 2009 and I was very delighted to be informed that I had been lucky to get a sponsor through my high school education and that was The Kindernothilfe of Germany. I made a personal resolution that I will never take this opportunity I was given to enable me to study in Starehe for granted. The need to give back to the society struck me almost immediately and I vowed to work hard in high school. After the four-year course, I sat for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and attained a mean grade of a plain A.

Currently I am a student-assistant in a Maiani Secondary School here in Makueni county,waiting to join university(post secondary education) next year.

My future plans are to obtain a degree in Medicine and Surgery from a recognised university. However, the cost of undertaking such a programme in Kenya is very expensive for a self sponsored student and hence I am saving a little money to enable me to undertake some Scholarstic Assessment Tests (SATs) to try if I can win a scholarship to study the degree of my dream in the USA. I am very optimistic that I will be lucky to win such a scholarship.

I highly value and appreciate your full support given to me to enable me to go through high school education. Once more thank you and may God bless you in your endevours.“

With much appreciation,
Charles Masila.