Artikel vom 19. Juli 2011

Dürre am Horn von Afrika: Warum Kinder und Frauen am meisten leiden

Unser äthiopischer Partner Rift Valley Children and Women Development Organisation erklärt, warum Kinder und Frauen besonders leiden.

Women (pregnant and lactating mothers), children, sick persons, elderly and people with disabilities are the most vulnerable groups of the society  to the hazard.  As the women are responsible for the sick, small children, and the elderly people who need special care, the burden that falls on women is really tremendous. This is because, social norms provide responsibilities to females to take care of the children, sick persons, elderly and people with disabilities at household level.

Hence, there will be additional workloads and psychological problems as they cannot fulfill the requirements of the family members during such crises. Moreover, the challenges of mothers will be aggravated  as their male counter parts may migrate  and the risk of  having diseases high  since  mothers are with close contact and  take care of the sick members of the family.

Children and other weak sections of the society (people with disabilities, sick, elderly and others) will also be affected during drought. Moreover, livestock are losing weight and decreasing their productivity as a result of shortage of water and animal feed. During the normal times, all families are getting milk and other livestock products and fulfill their nutritional status. But when livestock are affected by drought like this time, it is not simple to get adequate livestock products that could support the family mainly the child and the elderly.