Artikel vom 18. Juni 2010

Public Viewing in Pietermaritzburg

Südafrikas Kinder erfinden auch ihr ganz eigenes Public Viewing: In Pietermaritzburg etwa sammeln sie sich vor Geschäften, die die WM-Spiele auf Fernsehgeräten im Schaufenster zeigen.  Derrick Mabaso, Mitarbeiter des Kindernothilfe-Partners Youth For Christ, berichtet: 

Three Boys between 10 and 14 are looking through the window in one of the shops in Pietermaritzburg. The time was 17h40 after I have come out from work . One was wearing black hair piece around his left arm -as he was screaming yes Droba …Droba.

When I was with them I than notice that they are watching a TV in one of the Chine’s shops that sell furniture and other things . The game that they were watching was Portugal VS Ivory Cost /Codivore. The game was gone 65munites to the second half and I thought that I should also look with them as I still have to travel about 25 km before I reach my family house .

It was exciting for the three boys and when I asked question about the two teams you could easily pick up the feeling that they have to watch the two teams in our own soil . The one that was wearing a hair peace was presenting the captain and he was not shy to show me look at my arm bend. „I am indeed Captain of Ivory Cost – Droba.“

This was a good opportunity for the 3 boys to get a chance to watch this game despite that the shopowner had switch on this TV and make it face the outside was for marketing purpose . Three boys after the game were confirming that the next day they must come again to this shop for a game although they were bit sad that they wont watch Brazil at Night as it will be closed from this shop .