Artikel vom Juni 2010

Mit der „Bafana Bafana“ im Stadion

Für die beiden südafrikanischen Kinder Dance and Noxy ist ein Traum in Erfüllung gegangen: Sie waren in Bloemfontein live dabei, als  die Bafana Bafana bei der Fußball-WM Frankreich schlug.  Derrick Mabaso, Mitarbeiter des Kindernothilfe-Partners Youth For Christ, fuhr mit den beiden Kindern aus dem Projekt Khayalethu ins Stadion und schildert, wie sie das Spektakel erlebt haben. 

The excitement was all over the Bloemfontein City when we arrived.  Dance and Noxy were very excited to be part of the journey. Vuvuzela’s were all over the place! After we parked the car we took the bus to the stadium and people were singing and dancing inside the bus, indeed we were also part of the group – so much excitement!  After we have entered the stadium there was an MTN stand that had a stage for people to try and show the world the Disk Dance, so with the 2 boys we took eagerly took part in the group that was dancing on the stage . People were cheering us and others were taking pictures and after the dance we received small MTN bags with face painting inside, and that was an opportunity to paint ourselves.

Some more impressions:

“Hey the dream has come true I am part of the World history”

“We are very grateful to the sponsor for giving us such opportunity to be part of this magnitude World event”

– There was shosholoza song from all South Africa, it was a song to motivate our team to give us a splendid performance to the game.

– Mexican wave was also waving all over the stand!

– Noxy was very excited to see the South African Flag Flying all over the stadium.

– The game started with the high pace from our team and that gives two goals before the end of 1st half .The third goal was disallowed by the referee and it was disappointing to everyone as we needed that goal to qualify for the next round -group stages.

– Dance was commenting about the standard of referring since the World Cup has began – and said what happen to Brazil game and Ivory Cost known as Codevore when the second goal the striker has used both hand before he scored the goal.

-Noxy said that despite that we didn’t go to a next round but for us it was not only about soccer but indeed we have been part of the history for South Africa to host the World Cup for the first time and this was mark of joining all nation after we have gain our freedom .This was the true Celebration of our freedom that we gain in 1994.

-Dance felt that it was like the end of the World cup as we have been kicked out from the Cup although I will still support and follow Ghana all the way.

– It was exciting to see Noxy shaking hands with the France Fans after the game and said – Thank you for a lovely game and all the best in Africa .


Aus dem Tagebuch von Siphesishle Khumalo

Der 15-Jährige Siphesihle Khumalo nimmt teil an dem Projekt Thandanani in Pietermaritzburg, bei dem Waisen betreut werden.  Im April traf er den Kindernothilfe-Botschafter Urs Meier bei dessen Reise durch Südafrika und jetzt, während der WM, schreibt er Tagebuch. Für unseren Blog gewährt er uns einen kleinen Einblick. Nhlanhla Ndlovu, Entwicklungs-Koordinator von Thandanani, hat die Passagen ins Englische übersetzt.  

Opening Ceremonies

The opening ceremonies were so exciting and colourful. I saw a lot of things, including participating international music stars. The Soccer City stadium was full to capacity and everyone was happy. I could feel that the world cup is finally here in Mzansi. Young and old were enjoying themselves, and I wished I was there to join in the celebrations.

Vuvuzelas were blowing non-stop, people waving their flags and wearing colours of their respective countries. But South African colours dominated. I was also in my Bafana Bafana soccer jersey Malume (uncle) bought me. And I felt good being a South African.

The opening match

Soccer City stadium was again full to capacity. I couldn’t wait for the first whistle to have the game started. But at the same time I was scared that Mexico could be more experienced than Bafana Bafana. The first-half was always tense with Mexico threatening. It was only in the second-half when Bafana scored the first goal of the match that I relaxed hopping that they were going to beat Mexico. I felt said when they equalized, but it was good match with a lot of promising showing from Bafana Bafana. It was only said that Nelson Mandela had lost his grand-daughter a night before the opening match.

The match against Paraguay

Before the match Malume kept on telling me that Bafana if Bafana win they would progress to the next round. We watched that game in anticipation of a win. But when Itumeleng Khune was sent off I lost hope as he is our number one keeper. Losing by three goals to nil was a very said moment for me. But I still enjoyed watching other teams playing good football. I hope that we are going to win against France and join African countries like Ghana who seem destined to progress to the last 16. 3 or 4 goals are difficult to get, but God might be on our side. The showing by Spain was great and full of flair and I wish we do the same. “I will tell you more after the match against France this evening”, he says.

Public Viewing in Pietermaritzburg

Südafrikas Kinder erfinden auch ihr ganz eigenes Public Viewing: In Pietermaritzburg etwa sammeln sie sich vor Geschäften, die die WM-Spiele auf Fernsehgeräten im Schaufenster zeigen.  Derrick Mabaso, Mitarbeiter des Kindernothilfe-Partners Youth For Christ, berichtet: 

Three Boys between 10 and 14 are looking through the window in one of the shops in Pietermaritzburg. The time was 17h40 after I have come out from work . One was wearing black hair piece around his left arm -as he was screaming yes Droba …Droba.

When I was with them I than notice that they are watching a TV in one of the Chine’s shops that sell furniture and other things . The game that they were watching was Portugal VS Ivory Cost /Codivore. The game was gone 65munites to the second half and I thought that I should also look with them as I still have to travel about 25 km before I reach my family house .

It was exciting for the three boys and when I asked question about the two teams you could easily pick up the feeling that they have to watch the two teams in our own soil . The one that was wearing a hair peace was presenting the captain and he was not shy to show me look at my arm bend. „I am indeed Captain of Ivory Cost – Droba.“

This was a good opportunity for the 3 boys to get a chance to watch this game despite that the shopowner had switch on this TV and make it face the outside was for marketing purpose . Three boys after the game were confirming that the next day they must come again to this shop for a game although they were bit sad that they wont watch Brazil at Night as it will be closed from this shop .

So erleben die Khayalethu-Kinder die WM

Die WM macht erfinderisch: Die Mädchen und Jungen im Straßenkinder-Projekt Khayalethu in Pietermaritzburg haben sich Flaggen der etwas anderen Art gebastelt und ihnen auch einen Namen gegeben: Makarabha.

Und so kommentierten die Kinder das Eröffnungsspiel Südafrika gegen Mexiko:

„It’s like I’m dreaming!! Wake me up, wake me up…“

„I’m NOT FEELING it..whoo hoo… I’m LOVING IT!! It’s crazy!!“

„It’s very good, Idon’t just FEEL it … I’m ENJOYING it!!“

„The boys played well, but we don’t want a draw. However the game was very good and I am happy we did not loose. Thanks.“

„We played very well in the first half, but after that felt some pressure from Mexico. We are so happy that we did not loose. Next time we must put more effort.“

„It was fantastic, AYOBA!“

Vorfreude in Pietermaritzburg

Lisa Ellis vom Kindernohilfe-Partner Youth for Christ über die Vorfreude im Straßenkinderprojekt in Pietermaritzburg am 10. Juni:

The excitement is mounting in the boys shelter! Vuzuzela’s are blowing and energy levels are extremely high! The boys also have ‚makarabha’s‘ (safety hats creatively painted in South African colours by the boys). All this excitement as staff and children will gather in front of the television in the boys shelter to watch the opening ceremony at 2pm and the soccer match at 4pm!