„Make every day an International Women’s Day!“

Unser indischer Partner CeFHA schickte uns zum Weltfrauentag diesen Aufruf:

“ CeFHA is working for the development of indigenous communities on various development activities and our main focus is girl child empowerment, children education and women socio economic, health and educational empowerment , manage natural resources and identity as land owners, women farmers, carpenters and masons (skilled persons) in the villages of Kotauratla mandal of Visakhapatnam.

As we all know every year on 8 March, the International Women’s Day, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements. A global web of rich and diverse local activity connects women from all around the world ranging from political campaigns, business conferences and government activities and networking events through to local women’s organizations and community women initiatives and more.

Much progress has been made to protect and promote women’s rights in recent times. However, nowhere in the world can women claim to have all the same rights and opportunities as men, according to the UN. The majority of the world’s 1.3 billion absolute poor are women. On average, women receive between 30 and 40 percent less pay than men earn for the same work. Women also continue to be victims of violence, with rape and domestic violence listed as significant causes of disability and death among women worldwide.

In recent decades, much progress has been made on a worldwide level, women’s access to education and proper health care has increased; their participation in the paid labor force has grown; and legislation that promises equal opportunities for women and respect for their human rights has been adopted in many countries. The world now has an ever-growing number of women participating in society as policy-makers.

This year, let us join together to make a difference, think globally and act locally!! Make every day an International Women’s Day. Let us commit ourselves to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding.

The above said program begins at 11 Am, 8th March at CeFHA Campus and we kindly request you to join us , participate and share your views on this special day event.“

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