Demonstationen in Malawi: Mindestens 18 Tote

In Malawi kam es in den vergangenen Tagen zu
schweren regierungskritischen Protesten, bei denen nach Zeitungsangaben über 18 Menschen zu Tode kamen. Unser Landeskoordinator in Malawi, Anderson M. Kamwendo, berichtet darüber in einer E-Mail:

There were demonstrations in the major cities of Malawi yesterday.  Due to some reasons, including anger by people since they were told when they had already gathered to start the demonstrations that an injunction was obtained by someone to stop the demonstrations at 01 00 hours, and the brutal way in which some Police Officers especially in Lilongwe handled the matter, and general anti-president sentiments. Eventually the injunction was vacated the demonstrations started. It is believed that some people were killed, how many we do not know, and that some Police Stations were burned, cars burned and some shops looted.

Today I have been unable to go to town because some roads blocked angry mobs and Police Officers have been firing at people as they tried to clear the roads and disperse the crowds.

The demonstrations are related to the following concerns of the people which have gone unaddressed by the government:

  • Increasing Fuel Shortages
  • High Food Prices
  • Increase in Taxes
  • 40% Loss in Donor Funding (British, German, Netherlands) related to suppression of human rights, the deportation of the British Ambassador and poor governance.

Abuse of Human Rights:

  • A New Law giving the government the right to silence/ban the media if the media disagrees with the government
  • A New Law that forbids anyone to seek an injunction against the government
  • A New Law requiring those who would like to peacefully demonstrate to pay $15,000 for a permit
  • Civil Servants have not been paid in several months
  • Lack of Forex in the country due in part to artificially inflating the kwacha

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