Satish Samuel, Kindernothilfe Indien, berichtet aus Cancún

(2nd december 2010) After a very hectic journey for two days, we finally arrived at Cancun on 27th night. On 28th we registered ourselves in the COP16. The events are being held in different venues. Most of the side events and stalls are at Cancun Messe, the government meetings are being held at Moon Palace Hotel about 20 minutes drive from Cancun Messe. The inauguration took place at Moon Palace Hotel, but only the government dignitaries were allowed apart from few NGO representatives who had the additional pass.

On third day we were able to make an inroad into COP16. Both myself and Stefan met different people and explained about our work with children and were able to get permission to exhibit the posters what we have brought from India (RCPDS has developed five different posters in English on Climate Change issue). Even though the officials agreed to our request and gave permission to put up a small stall but insisted that we should put the logo of ‘SPAR’ the ‘Observer Status organization’. We had to download the logo of SPAR from website, took the printout of 150 logos, cut and paste in all the posters. After completing this only we were allowed to put the posters on the wall and exhibit the same. The learning from this experience is KNH should try to get the Observer Status for the future!!  If we are planning of taking any children to COPs in future, we should have our own registration as Observer.

In the main event place, we hardly come across any children, which is pathetic. Children are mostly affected by the issue but they are not recognized by the authorities.

We have to wait and see any changes come across in this regard in the days to come.

We met one Ms. Meghana, Consultant to the Ministry of Environment Affairs, India on the first day. We were told by her that the Environment Minister, Mr. Jayaram Ramesh would be participating in the COP16 from 04th December.

In COP16, the participation of Civil Society Organisations’ representatives are to the minimum. Over all the number of participants are less compare to COP15 held at Copenhagen.

Since the government delegation meetings are being held at Moon Palace Hotel, the interaction between GOs and CSOs are minimized.

There are several side events are being held at the same time and we have to look out for the interesting deliberations to participate. Hope to do it in the days to come.

Our KNH partners, Dr. William Stanley of IRDWSI and Dr. Sasi Prabha of CeFHA also participating in COP16.

Many regards,
Satish Samuel, KNH India

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