„I only saw water“

Dieser Augenzeugenbericht erreichte uns  von unserer Partnerorganisation ARO aus Pakistan.

“My name is Zadagai, my father’s name is Jilinder. We live in Touda Khazana, which is right at the bank of river Khazana. The night when the flood came was a nightmare for me and my family.

I was sleeping when I heard a loud noise. My father was shouting: ‘Wake up and run!’ I woke up and started weeping, because I was unable to understand what is going on. I only saw water, which was in the beginning up to my feet, but very soon I felt I was half drown. I asked my mother to help me. She gave me a hand and we started running towards the roadside to come out of our village, which was looking like itself a river.

Somehow we reached the road, but then my mother shouted for my brother Fida, because he was not with us. I saw my mother weeping terribly, all of us were weeping at that moment and my father was running madly and shouting ‘Fida! Fida!’ everywhere. It was dark and there were hundreds of people there, who were also searching their beloved ones. I thought this is the Day of Judgment.

The next morning I saw my brother’s body. He was killed by the flood. His body was found trapped in branches near the river bank. This was the saddest day of my life. Now we are like beggars looking for food and help. I hate floods.”

A boy was standing at the bank of a river while small waves gently touching, almost kissing his feet. He looked down and said: “You can kiss my feet a million times I will never ever forgive you for taking my loved ones”.

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