„Two half walls are still standing – the last sign of our small house“

Dieser Augenzeugenbericht erreichte uns von unserer Partnerorganisation ARO aus Pakistan.

„My Name is Mazam Jan I am 65 years old. I lived with my son Shah Zaman who is married and has one little son, 3 years old Noorullah. Our village name is Louda U/C Nissata. When the flood hit our village we were sleeping and we never thought about it, because our village is about 2 km away of River Jindi.

In the beginning we had taken it normal, but soon the level of water increased and we started pulling water out of our house, but it was increasing and increasing. Then we decided to run, because half of our house was in the water. My family hardly saved anything, we only saved our lives.

Next morning we saw our house totally collapsed. All furniture and other goods are gone, only two half walls remained. That is the last sign of our small house.“

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