„We lost everything, but we need only our mother back“

Dieser Augenzeugenbericht erreichte uns  von unserer Partnerorganisation ARO aus Pakistan.

Little Usman, 5 years old , Farooque, 4 years old, and Sobia, 6 years old, lost their mother on night of 28th july 2010, when the flood hit their village Maira Prang located at the bank of river Jindi in District Charsadda.

„We have a 2-rooms-house and I was sleeping with my mother“, the little Sobia told.  „Suddenly I heard loud noises like someone is shaking a big tree. I woke up and found all of my room under water. My mother took me in her lap and she was also holding my younger brother Farooque.

We came out of the house, but a huge wave of water kicked us like football and I saw our house melted in seconds and swept away. My mother held a broken door and was trying to swim to save us. My father who was carrying my brother Usman succeeded to get him reach a safe place. I and Farooque were sitting on the door which was held by my mother.

My father came to us after few minutes, now my father and mother both started pulling the door towards a upper bank to safe us, but all of the sudden a heavy wave came and my mother could not stands against it and floated away. We have not found her since then. We are so worried and sad. We lost everything, but we need only our mother back.“

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